Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Crazy Life....

Wow... we have been sooo busy the last few weeks....lets see to begin with... about 7 weeks ago we were up in Freemont with the Kerrs for a few days...we did some teacher training and a kids crusade for them... and we had a WONDERFUL time!=) Then memorial weekend we spent with my brother Jonathan and his family in Porterville... We did some outreach and a kids crusade for them as well.I always enjoying being with them, they are a BLAST! Then after church that Sunday we headed up to Hanford to Jason's grandparents house to spend memorial day with them as well as his parents and sister who flew out from Texas. We had a blast.. the Wiedners came over for memorial day brunch.. it was so yummy! That night we drove home and Jason's parents and sister came back with us and stayed the week. In the middle of everything going on we celebrated our 5th annv. June 4th. And following our annv. all during June we helped the youth fund raise for Pacific Coast Camp... and what a tremendous time we had the fellowship the food and most of all the preaching was just phenomenal! We left for camp on Sunday June 20th and we just returned on Sat. June 26th...Had 3 of our kids receive the Holy Ghost.. 1 at camp Friday night and 2 on Sunday...God is sooooooo Good!! I will post pictures soon... of all the events I mentioned in this post..=)

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  1. Wow! Nina I can't believe you were in the Valley and you didn't even come visit us :( Lol I'm kidding. I loved hanging out at Camp. I miss you tons and can't wait to see you soon!

    Love ya,

    P.S. Tell JayBo I said Hello and give Chandler my love!